Date: August 28-21, 2020

School held its 8th and first ever virtual ‘Mi Fest –Carpe Diem ‘Let us seize the day’, an annual inter-school competition for Class I-V based on theme ‘Hope’. Vinayak Jain (II), Bhuvika Jain (III) and Ananya Agarwal (V) won first prize in the events ‘My Creative Screen’, ‘Immune endorsement’ and ‘Mind-O-Pedia’ respectively. While Mehak Sukhani (III) bagged third prize in yoga tales and Naira Datratta (I)t consolation prize in ‘Masquerade’. Different competitions conducted during the event were, ‘Masquerade’a role play for Class I, ‘My Creative Screen’a 3-D painting based on theme- ‘Life During Lockdown’ for Class II, ‘Immune endorsement’ an immunity booster drink making competition for Class III, ‘Yoga Tale’ storytelling through yoga asanas for Class IV and ‘Mind-O-Pedia’ a multiple intelligence quiz for Class V. Total 39 schools from Delhi & NCR participated in the eventdesigned enrich 8 multiple intelligences.