Amity believes in holistic development of its students and leaves no stone unturned to nurture talent. An Integrated approach to education is adopted at each level.

A broad and comprehensive education should aim at enabling each individual to discover, unearth and enrich his or her creative potential.

The holistic curriculum encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By exposing students to a wide variety of disciplines we fine-tune both cognitive and non-cognitive skills so as to prepare them for a well-balanced life outside of school.

Since holistic education leads to overall development of personality, some key factors are kept in mind at Amity, NOIDA

Self Introspection

This involves learning self respect and self esteem. They are encouraged to introspect to find their inherent talents through class participation.

Developing Relationships:

In learning about their relationships with others, there is a focus on social “literacy” (learning to see social influence) and emotional “literacy” (one’s own self in relation to others). Interact Club focuses on social causes like blood donation camps, tree plantation drives, assistance in cash and kind to less fortunate or victims of natural disasters etc.

Value of Resilience:

This entails overcoming difficulties, facing challenges and learning how to ensure long-term success. Tours and camps are organized to develop their stamina and team spirit to compete in various events organized at inter house, inter school, district, state, national and international level.

Fine Arts and Aesthetics :

This encourages the student to appreciate the beauty around them. Music, Fine Arts, Spic Macay, star gazing etc helps them to develop knowledge of the beautiful world around them.