Alumni Testimonial

Aayan Agarwal
Cyber Captain ‘23
Amity has transformed me into a confident, responsible, and mature individual. Its accomplished and able faculty have taught me the academic concepts necessary for my future. The various clubs and activities have helped me further my passions and strive to reach the sky.
Yuvraj Narula
Batch 2021
The plethora of activities, student clubs and opportunities provided by amity has helped me transform in a very positive way. Amity teaches us to be looking forward and also to stay in our roots and I'm grateful that I am a part of this family.
Batch 2022
Amity International School has played a significant role in shaping my life. The diverse learning environment and the high-quality education provided by the school have helped me to become a well-rounded individual. The values instilled in me, such as empathy, teamwork, and leadership, have helped me to succeed not just in academics but also in life.
Art Editor ‘23
Having been a part of Amity 46 since first grade, I am deeply grateful for the profound impact this 12-year journey has had on me. The abundant opportunities, supportive academic environment, and valuable resources and facilities provided by Amity have allowed me to cultivate a broad perspective, reach new heights, and develop valuable traits such as leadership, patience, and perseverance. I am deeply thankful for this experience and will cherish it for years to come.
Aarushi Barua
Batch 2019-20 All India Topper (Humanities Group OBC category)2019-20 Awarded by hon’ble ex-Minister of HRD, Shri Prakash Javadekar
Amity had been a part of 13 years of my life and it has been one of the most enriching experiences for me. From learning almost everything I know now, to making friends that have become family, it has been one big roller coaster journey for me. The opportunities Igot here have definitely helped me grow as an individual. Amity taught me the value of disciplineand has given me the support I needed when I wasn't standing strong. I am grateful to all my teachers for their love and guidance, to the friends I have made and will always cherish, and to all the didis, bhaiyas and the staff who made our school life easier and memorable for all of us.
Sarthak Singhal
Batch of 2019-20
Amity gave me the confidence and passion to work dedicatedly to achieve my goals. It provided me with a platform to express and explore myself. My teachers, they guided and supported me academically as well as emotionally. I am glad to be a part of the Amity family.
Surbhi Gupta
Batch of 2019-20
Amity, to me is not only an institution but a family which has guided me throughout my school life. The immense support of my teachers and the principal has made me a better and stronger person. Not just academics and co- curricular activities but Amity has also taught me how to handle real life situations and bring out the best in me.
Umberto Filineri Grade IG-1 and 2
Date of Graduation Ceremony : May 31, 2020 I would like to express my sincere thanks to Chairperson Mam and the school principal for giving me the permission to attend the virtual graduation ceremony of my batch mates. It has been two years since I left AGS Gurugram, but then the three years I spent there were some of the best school years of my life. What touched me the most and that I would like to share is when the Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan Ma’am asked everyone to clap for me during the ceremony. At that moment I wanted to express my thanks but my microphone did not pick up. Today I want to say all that I wanted then through this letter. Respected ma’am, I am really grateful that you let me participate in the graduation ceremony. I enjoyed seeing my former classmates graduate as if I was there. I was also extremely touched when you acknowledged my presence. I want you to know that while I cherish many of my school years I will never forget Amity, and all the work that the school put in making me and my fellows open-minded and knowledge-thirsty students who are ready to face the real world once graduated. I also would like to send my sincere thanks to the teachers who supported me during the years of IG-1 and 2. I extend my special thanks to Mrs Vandana who was able to make me fall in love with chemistry to the extent that I applied at the faculty of chemistry at the universities of Turin and Milan. After getting a degree in analytical chemistry I plan to pursue a master's in forensic chemistry. Thereafter I plan to join the Italian Military as an officer in the Forensic Sciences Investigation department, in Italian known as RIS. I wish all the best for AGS, its faculty teachers, students and staff. I sincerely hope that if in recent years I’am able to come back to India, I'll be able to stop by AGS.
(batch 2018-19)
School helped me to realise what I truly wanted to do in life, providing resources and aid to ensure that I got into the institution of my choice.
Shivam Dosajh
(batch 2018-19)
Enhances confidence, amicable behaviour. Helped me in developing interest in Physics and helped in shaping my career.
Aarushi Barula
(batch 2018-19)
It was a journey which is unforgettable. Because my life was changed by the advices and guidance of my teachers. Hade helped me to build my personality by giving the opportunities to learn.
Keshav Maheshwari
(batch 2018-19)
The school provided me with impetus into my deceived path of investment banking. It also provided me with extracurricular opportunities to have my skills
(batch 2017-18)
The teachers were very affectionate and supportive and hence help us achieve our goals.
(batch 2018-19)
It was a journey which is unforgettable. Because my life was changed by the advices and guidance of my teachers. Thank you for having given me opportunities to win many laurels. Thank you, amity 46.
(batch 2017-18)
The school played a vital role in enhancing my career path. It guided me throughout my school life and helped me explore my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and use them in the best way possible.
Muskaan Paintal
(batch 2017-18)
Since I ‘m still studying and haven’t had the opportunity to set the instilled amity values, enhance and carve a career path. I know for sure everything, every value. I ‘ve learnt here through the disciplined assemblies in the morning and every other event, will for sure help me in every path, I put my foot in.
(batch 2016-17)
School has played a very eminent role in choosing my path in life. I am very fortunate to be an Amitian. Amity has played a very important role in pushing me towards my dream college, Bits Pilani
Mokshi Jain
(batch 2016-2017)
School has played a very important role in my overall personality development. School is the reason for what I am today.
Akriti Nandy
(batch 2016-2017)
My teachers have supported me all throughout my study years in Amity. The school itself has given me numerous opportunities to express myself . I thank Amity for everything. My Special thanks to my Mrs. Devyani Kapoor Ma'am
Shriya Tyagi
(batch 2016-2017)
The school has played a significant role in enhancing my current career path. My teachers have worked very hard and put in their best efforts to make us understand the concepts properly.
Manan Khurana
(batch 2016-2017)
My school, Amity, has helped me gain the values of life and help me incline towards my career, Hotel Management by teaching me practically and focusing on experiential learning.
Garvit Pahuja
(batch 2016-2017)
it was a great journey though! this early step of life would be strong milestones for me for moving ahead in life! Thank you
Anirudh Bansal
(batch 2016-2017)
Anirudh Bansal (batch 2016-2017) I can honorably say that my school has not only taught me how to be good in studies but also taught me how to be a good person
Aasha Sangwan
(batch 2016-2017)
The teachers were very affectionate and supportive and hence help us achieve our goals.
Vaibhavi Thakur
( Batch : 2013-14 )
Amity International School Gurgaon 46 not just justifies its rank among the top schools of India but also produces such scholars every year who bring laurels for the country. I have had a mesmeric journey from Class VI to XII in this school. It is here that I explored various interests apart from academics, that helped me become what I am today. I won numerous laurels in chess and represented my school at national and international levels for which I got due recognition from our beloved principal, Mrs Aarti Chopra. I went on to win the most prestigious award of the school - the 'Late Baljit Shastri Shield'. I will never forget the incredible fun that I had during events like sports days, annual functions, citations and farewell! Needless to say, this is the best school I could have ever studied. The red brick building that became my alma mater, has helped me in every possible way to get make my way into another red bricked building - Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC).
Yashasvini Mathur
( Batch : 2013-14 )
Amity is an institution that instills in its students all the values a child would need to thrive in today's world. They offer countless mediums for students to showcase their skills in various arenas including dancing, debating, theatre, singing and sports. Students are encouraged to push their boundaries, challenge the system and learn something new each day. Through the vast range of extra-curricular activities, each child is taught how to be self confident as well as how to work with people from various walks of life in formal and informal surroundings. Inside the classrooms, the teachers are always ready to impart knowledge not just about their own subject but also guide the students in every aspect of their lives. They take great pains to ensure the well being of the students. With excellent faculty and infrastructure, Amity has helped shape an illustrious future for every child passing through its alleyways.
Esha G Nair
( Batch : 2012-13 )
I remember vividly and with great fondness my school days at AIS Gurgaon 46. It marked the beginning of an association that is guaranteed to accompany me all through my life. The friendships borne from a common pursuit of excellence, created a bond between me and my fellow students, besides an incomparable sense of attachment with the teachers who were always there to help and guide us throughout this journey. My school has given me values which have helped me mould into a responsible and creative thinker. I miss my school days a lot as they have made me what I am today, and what I will be tomorrow.
Shagun Sharma
( Batch : 2012-13 )
My association with AIS Gurgaon 46, has been for eight long years during which I have learnt more than one could possibly ever learn, not just about academic excellence but also how to develop into an individual who can hold his own ground. Amity has taught me many things, to respect parents and teachers alike, from being academically brilliant to being just as gleaming in the extra-curricular activities. It helped me make indissoluble bonds with the faculty and schoolmates, that we treasure beyond our cherished school years. Amity taught me never to give up, rather believe in how every cloud has a silver lining.
Bhavya Garg
( Batch : 2010-11 )
It's been four years since I passed out of Amity but it feels like I never left the red brick building which literally grew in front of my eyes. The love, gratitude and appreciation that I feel towards each and every person in the school, is almost inexpressible. What I am today would have been a near impossibility had it not been for the people who are a part of this institute. From a shy 13 year old girl who entered the school, I became a confident 18 year old who came out with a bucket full of memories. The encouragement and motivation I got from all my teachers, be it academically or in co-curriculars was inestimable, because they believed in me at a time when I did not. The endless running in the corridors, our Manesar trips, the never ending career workshops, the fight over one tiffin with twenty people, the ramp. Every experience here has been one of a kind. The continuous support of the principal and teachers and the easy camaraderie I shared with them, are things I still cherish. All of them are just a phone call away. This school has given me friends for life. I still feel the same warmth envelop me when I enter the school building. I hope my school keeps growing and changing every student's life for the better, like it did mine.