Global Talent Search Examination (GTSE) is an Amity initiative to awaken the scientific thinking in young minds. This examination aims to test the skills of the students in the fields of science and mathematics. GTSE also serves as unique platform for the students to learn beyond their regular curriculum and prepare themselves with an edge for any future competitions.

GTSE was held on November 23rd, 2006 for the very first time where about 5000 students participated from Classes V- XII. The event turned out to be a success with the participation of many reputed schools like AIS, Delhi Public School, Bal Bharti School, Army public School, Cambridge School, City Montessori School (Lucknow) etc.

Since then the successful journey of GTSE has moved up and ahead serving as a unique platform for the students to showcase their skills and talents. Being held every year on 23rd November, for Classes Class I to XII, GTSE has witnessed about more than 50,000 participants over the years. The course module/syllabus for the examinations is based on the CBSE/ICSE and the State Boards curriculum.

The participating schools and students are awarded certificates prizes and trophies

The school GTSE winners for the year 2015-16

Student Name Rank
Yavnika Garg 1
Yash Kumar 2
Shreyas Goenka 3
Ishika Singla 1
Latika Bhutani 1
Natasha Bhattacharya 3
Jyoti Walia 3

Yavnika Garg

Yash Kumar

Shreyas Goenka

Ishika Singla

Latika Bhutani

Natasha Bhattacharya

Jyoti Walia