Mental Math Quiz is an ongoing annual project initiated by Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan that aims to nurture young mathematicians by enhancing the mathematical proficiency of students from class I to X. The competitions held at different levels i.e intra class, intra section and then inter school rekindle interest in mathematical tables, enable students to calculate without paper and pen besides developing better reasoning and logical skills.


Date:- December 18-19, 2018

The school emerged as overall third prize winner in the finale of ninth edition of Inter-Amity Mental Math quiz. It bagged 2 silver medals for Class II and Class X and 2 bronze medals for Class II and Class VIII. School also hosted the Inter-Amity Mental Math quiz for Class VII and Class IX. The quiz comprised rounds like, audio story, tables (rapid calculations), computation (visual round), pattern recognition (visual round), etc.