Technology Integration

 Interactive Smart Classes

Smart classes convert an ordinary classroom into an interactive learning experience, using latest state-of-the art techniques like Smart Boards and digital learning resources. The school makes use of K-yans in all subjects. With the help of smart classes, students are encouraged to question, evaluate, create, communicate and discover.

 Intranet Facility

In keeping pace with the latest technological advances in education, Amity has state-of-the-art intranet (Amitranet). This facility has helped teachers to successfully integrate technology into real teaching. Online lessons, students’ profiles, performance reports, attendance records, past papers, daily homework, etc are available for students as well as parents on the intranet which is updated every day. Amitranet also has a messaging system through which parents can send messages to the teachers or administrative departments and receive feedback.

  Network Facility

Understanding the value of connectivity at all times, Amity school offers fully wired campus in its network. Round the clock internet access is a boon for the students who utilize the facility to enhance learning.