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Chairperson Message

Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan

Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools

Amity Group of Schools with close to three decades of experience and engagement in education has always aimed at providing the best quality education. 

Having spread its educational reach across India and the world, it has created benchmarks of the finest education made accessible to the masses deprived of the same while carrying the legacy of India. Today, Amity is a name which is synonymous with quality and excellence. 

The Amity Group of Schools is committed to providing a progressive education system that steers the holistic education of children. While we strive to groom our students to enable them to become excellent professionals and achievers, we also aim to nurture them as responsible citizens with a deep understanding and regards for ethics and human values. To encapsulate, we aim to develop a future generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture, has a sense of right and wrong, and also yearning for global competitive excellence. 

Amity believes in lighting every little lamp that walks into its Universe to enkindle the world of tomorrow with wisdom and knowledge. Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream; this is my commitment.