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Mission statement


At Amity International School, we are committed to fostering a unique learning environment for children that embodies a blend of modern education and Indian values.
‘Knowledge is Power’ – A mantra we strongly believe in, and one that inspires us to enable and empower children to develop a positive, responsible, informed, and confident attitude while inculcating deep-rooted traditional values.
We believe, this can spark inspiration for lifelong happiness & learning, encompassing not just the child, but also extending to the family, community, nation, and the world.

Mission Statement

At Amity International School, our mission is to:

  • Foster a Dynamic Learning Environment: We are committed to cultivating a dynamic learning environment for children that imparts profound self-knowledge and empowers them to excel academically while also nurturing qualities of compassion, respect, care, and love.
  • Integrate Traditional Values & Well-being: We aim to encompass the seamless integration of education and deep-rooted Indian values, strengthened by practices designed to safeguard and prioritize the mental and physical well-being of children.
  • Provide a Safe & Secure Haven: We prioritize maintaining a safe & secure environment for students, where they enjoy unfettered access to best-in-class knowledge, resources, diverse experiences, global perspectives, and opportunities for humanitarian engagement.
  • Nurture Lifelong Skills: We encourage and inspire students to develop essential lifelong skills, encompassing scientific thinking, proficient communication, interpersonal dexterity, leadership acumen, and a heightened sense of responsibility, self-confidence and awareness.
  • Inculcate Amity’s Tenets of Excellence – BHAAG:

At the core of our mission lies the inculcation of Amity’s five tenets of success and excellence: Behaviour, Hard Work, Ambition, Attitude, God.
We encourage students to combine exemplary behaviour and unwavering diligence to fuel their ambitions while maintaining the right attitude and reverence for GOD, that enables them to take control of their own destiny (BHAAG).