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Why Amity

Academic excellence 

Amitians excel in the fields they enter. Our holistic development programmes and age-appropriate academic curriculum help them win several laurels every year. This is an incessant process, and their success is a matter of great pride to us. The schools under the brand of Amity have crossed many a milestone and their recent outstanding achievements include: 

  • Amitians occupy top positions in the board examinations. 
  • A large number of students get a score of 98%+ in the school leaving examination. 
  • The CBSE topper 2017 was from the Amity International School. 
  • More than 100 of our school students have filed their own patents. 
Global exposure 

We provide our students with opportunities to travel, interact and compete across the world. Some of the global recognitions that Amity students have achieved include: 

  • Three-time Asia winners and one-time Global winners of the International Space Settlement Design Competition, USA 
  • Three-time winners in Knowledge@Wharton Competition at Wharton, USA 
  • World Scholars Cup winners at Yale University, USA 
Happy School

The school offers an alternative approach to improving learning experiences by prioritizing happiness. By focusing on well-being, engagement, and a sense of belongingness at school, our academic programme helps foster a lifelong love of learning. We present our students environment where they feel welcomed, satisfied, secure, and can be what they are. Our students, teachers, parents, and school administrators are responsible for creating an environment that spreads an everlasting feeling of happiness. 

  • We lay emphasis on physical, social-emotional, individual and instructional factors.  
  • We focus on school-based relationships, engaging and collaborative learning experiences, and safe, stimulating school environments. 
  • We encourage healthy emotional development of students. 
  • We build the right attitude in students and teachers, such as, cooperation and mutual respect, hence improving students’ moral behaviour. 
Admissions in top universities 

The schooling at Amity is an important step towards our students’ bigger success. We want our students to be noticed and recognized in every field wherever they go to. Thus, we take care of their interest areas and encourage them to nurture their dreams. That gives them instant success and satisfying results. Our experienced counsellors guide and help students apply in global universities and specialised Synchro programs to succeed in competitive examinations. 

  • Amity students join the renowned institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, IITs, AIIMS, etc after their school.  
  • Amity students also get preferred admissions in the global campuses of Amity Universities.