International Space Settlement Design Competition 2022

Date: July 30-August 2, 2022

A team of 12 young space enthusiasts from Class XII, bagged first position for the third time at the prestigious International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) 2022, organised by NASA in collaboration with Boeing. AIS Noida is also the only school from India to emerge as winner at the competition. The winning team comprised Shubhi Bhatia, Ayushman Rastogi, Chaitanya Choudhary, Dev Acharya Menon, Divij Agarwal, Shashwat Sharma, Shivain Verma, Shreyas Marwah, Savysachi Singh, Sujal Kapoor, Varun Pratap Singh and Vedika Agnihotri. The team cleared multiple rounds such as ‘Preliminary Round’, ‘National Quarter Final Round’, ‘Asian Regional Semifinal Round’, in order to reach the grand finale ‘International Final Round’, held at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida.