Middle Wing

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”
Albert Einstein

The Middle Wing of Amity Noida believes in experiential learning methodology in order to make learning fun filled, interesting and meaningful. We encourage students to ask questions and explore answers to become critical thinkers of the future generation.

 Assemblies and Celebrations

Theme based assemblies and celebrations are organized to help students understand the significance and traditional values related to various festivals and inculcate respect for our culture, customs and religions.

 Project Based Learning

The learners are provided with challenging activities which are linked with research. This develops critical thinking skills a new age 21st century skill among students. Learning through projects which they personally construct after researching, enhances their confidence.

Technology Integration

These trips are organized to make the children aware of their environment, to know their mother nature better along with its benefits and to make the children independent. These trips are organized to visit places like zoological park, amusement parks, museums, historical places etc.

Heritage Education

The Heritage Progarmme seeks to encourage and expose the young children to develop understanding and appreciation for our rich cultural legacy through a wide array of activities. Heritage Education is an important part of the learning process. It inculcates respect for diversity and integration.

Media Literacy

In today’s digital age media education holds an important place in teaching learning process. It helps in developing critical and creative abilities of young students. To enhance critical and creative writing skills students are encouraged to provide articles, poems or any creative peace in “The Global Times” an in house news paper by the students and for the students. Times to time workshops are conducted to guide students about various aspects of print media.

Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Every child is born with an innate talent. The middle wing provides ample opportunities to the students to enhance and showcase their talent in various fields by organizing number of co-curricular learning activities to facilitate all round development of the students.

Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Values are guiding principles that shape our outlook, attitudes and conduct. The aim of including these skills in curriculum is to empower students to face the challenges of life. To make students self reliant, stress free and to develop a sense of purpose number of activities like social service, hawan , spiritual and motivational talks are organized time to time.