Parent’s Testimonial

Dr. Naumi Garg
Mother of Suhaan Garg, Batch 2024, AIS Noida
“I have had the opportunity to interact with Respected Chairperson Ma’m Dr. (Mrs). Amita Chauhan during an online session and I learnt some invaluable life lessons from her. Her leadership combined with the vision of the school’s Founder-President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan has inculcated great values in all Amity students. I give the entire credit for Shubhika achieving AIR 388 in CLAT 21. My son Suhaan is part of the AIS Synchro family and has scored 99.4 % in Class 10th. The personal guidance and attention with an emphasis on concept-based learning, problem solving abilities and life skills has been really helpful. I recommend this school for all students and parents who aspire to go an extra mile.”
Simarjeet Singh
Father of Sukhman Singh, Batch 2024, AIS Noida
“Amity has been a pillar of support for my son Sukhman through all these 14 years, encouraging him to pursue and achieve his passion for golf. Sukhman is No.1 ranked Golfer in India U-18, and he has represented India at international turf. Sukhman was supported by his school in every possible way and that is why he is what he is. The emphasis on sports has not only promoted physical well-being but has also instilled essential values such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience. We're grateful for the coaches and mentors who have invested time and effort in helping our children discover and develop their athletic talents.”
Sri Vidya Gill
Mother of Niamat Gill, Batch 2024, AIS Noida
“Being part of Niamat’s journey over the past 14 years, I do not hesitate in claiming that Amity is the very best, as it encourages innovative learning techniques. I remember having accompanied Niamat to the Taj Mahal to study geometrical patterns and symmetry, to the banks of Yamuna to study river pollution, to the slums to understand the situation of the homeless etc. Amity has provided national and international level opportunities to grow holistically and Niamat has been fortunate to participate in some of them such as Bazinga, VVM, Odyssey of Mind, F1 in Schools, TEDx Talks, and many more. These have not only helped her to grow academically but also equipped her to face the challenges of this world.”
Ashima and Sushant Nayyar
Parents of Innaya Nayyar (I) and Simone Nayyar (VIII) AIS Vasundhara 1
I am extremely thankful to Amity for adding value to my kid’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always. The school with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coaching’s for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best is the vision of the school Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, who is the guiding light, showing path to kids for a successful and bright future. The everyday preaching’s through shlokas and hawans taking place in the school for the nourishment of bright mind and soul is the reason why my kids are doing extraordinary well in their studies, securing A+ grades at Amity. The bonding that they share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Amity family.
Vishva Mohan and Neeru Mohan
My wife and I are writing to convey our deep gratitude to Amity, from where our two daughters namely Aparna and Kanika graduated upon completing Class XII in 2012 and 2015 respectively. Now Mainak, our youngest child is also completing his Class XII from AIS Mayur Vihar this month, ending our over-15 years association as parents with your esteemed institution. I attended the Citation Ceremony held in school on Basant Panchami day (February 1, 2017) and witnessed - perhaps for the last time - the amazing dedication and energy of teachers and the family atmosphere which have nurtured our children into intelligent, responsible citizens with values rooted in Indian culture. It was an emotional moment for us and when we reflected back, we realized we must convey to you how indebted we feel for role of Amity without which our children could not have succeeded the way they have. We will briefly mention here our childrens progress, as we know it gives you pleasure when your schools children do well. Aparna, after completing her Class XII from Amity International School, NOIDA in 2012, joined B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) in reputed Panjab University, Chandigarh based on her AIEEE/JEE Main All India Rank 22,000. She graduated from P.U. in June 2016 in 1st division and with strong extracurricular performance. Before graduation, she was selected through campus placement by Saint Gobain, world leader in glass, whom she joined in July 2016 as Management Trainee and now in January 2017, the company has posted her as Marketing Executive with their India Head Office. We may mention that the St. Gobain selection process was very rigorous comprising of written test, Group Discussion, multiple personal interviews and psychometric tests, where only about 1-2 out of 100 top graduates succeeded. Here, we believe that the communication, leadership and other soft skills and values acquired in Amity gave her a definite edge. Our younger daughter Kanika has joined B.Tech (Civil Engineering) in the prestigious Delhi Technological University in 2015, after completing class XII in the same year from AIS, Mayur Vihar. By Gods grace, she is also doing well and is an active participant in Music and Astronomy societies of the university. Besides the academic and soft skills strengths acquired in Amity, the presence of Amity alumni in the college system and industry is also helping her, as we can make out from the stories she narrates to us. We are keeping fingers crossed for the youngest Mainak; and are hopeful of his good performance in IIT JEE examination, based on his performance in practice tests. I may mention here that all three of our children availed Syncro program in XI-XII, which really helped in balancing Board and competitive exams preparation, while giving them access to the best faculty for both formats, with unmatched personal care and encouragement of Amity. Madam, through you we wish to convey our thanks and appreciation to all the teachers and others at Amity for their immense contribution in the growth of our children. Please continue the excellent work with same passion to make ours a great society.
Gopal & Monika Vasudeva
(Parents of Aarav & Aarna)
Amity is a part of our soul that has given foundation to my children learnings. The values, human virtues and etiquettes they have imbibed as a family under the guidance of our respected chairperson ma’am, cannot be found in any other school. It has helped them to become a life long learner. Thank you Amity !!
Mr. Suresh Sachdeva
( Father of Paridhi Sachdeva )
It has been nearly ten years now since our association began with AIS Noida as the parents of both our children. Today we can proudly say that it was the best decision as parents to choose AIS as the first and last destination for school education for our children.
Preeti Mahajan
( Mother of Jai (IX-F) and Deepti Mahajan( VII-C )
A school in which, the child gets an opportunity to accomplish so much more than just academic performance, makes us happy and proud parents who feel confident that Amitians will have what it takes to thrive and succeed in this competitive world !
Hillol Biswas
( Father-Shinjini )
Shinjini was a shy child during the starting days of her school. I feel proud to note that due to the able guidance of her teachers and strong support of the school management, she has become a confident child. The evolution of my ward both from academics and personality development points of view is noteworthy. Shinjini for continuous seven (7) years from years 2005-2011 (from KG standard to class VI) has been the ALL-ROUNDER. My firm belief is that the value based education system in AIS evolved by the Founder president Dr. Ashok K Chauhan and followed in true spirit by the Chairperson Dr. Amita Chauhan has also actively played a role in shaping up my ward, Shinjini. I pray to God that she should be blessed and guided by her teachers to become a true AMITIAN and should play whatever tiny role she has to hold the flag of AIS flying high !!