Workshop by Mr Reni Barlow

Mr. Reni Barlow, innovative educator in the field of science, visited Amity Schools between 19th April and 3rd May. He has worked as an Executive Director for the Youth science, Canada, engaging millions of young Canadians in inquiry and critical thinking through science: student projects, regional & national science fairs, international events, student-teacher resources and teacher professional development programme. In order to benefit from his immense potential for developing the inquiry & investigation skills through hands on activities and project based learning, Respected Chairperson had invited him to conduct workshops at Amity.

  • He worked with student groups of class 5, classes (6-8), classes (9 &10) in close association.
  • He demonstrated a few activities to the students on the first day and suggested several experiments that can lead to building up a theory.
  • On the next two days, students were given the material to experiment on their own and hence conclude the results and build up the theory.
  • A similar workshop was conducted for science teachers of all Amity Schools teaching all grades.