Youth Power 2017-2018

Youth Power
Setting out to ensure heart care for all the team ‘Hridayantar’ with its mentor Sanyukta Priya, team leader Ishaan Sahai (XI I) and team members Medhansh Goyal (IX N), Antra Rajpoot (IX N) and Mairaa Jhanjee (XI J) actually changed a life as they undertook the task. Their ground breaking efforts won them the ‘Youth Envoy Award 2017-18’ and also the award for ‘Best Social Implementation’. The most prominent change they made was to the life of a young boy Rajesh who was suffering from hole in heart and was unable to receive treatment for long time. The team not only facilitated his operation by reaching out to relevant authorities they also have taken up the responsibility of meeting out costs of his medicines. Another innovation by the team ‘Flaxseed dry chutney powder’ has been found to be effective in reducing low density lipids and cholesterol and has been patented.