Umberto Filineri Grade IG-1 and 2
Date of Graduation Ceremony : May 31, 2020 I would like to express my sincere thanks to Chairperson Mam and the school principal for giving me the permission to attend the virtual graduation ceremony of my batch mates. It has been two years since I left AGS Gurugram, but then the three years I spent there were some of the best school years of my life. What touched me the most and that I would like to share is when the Chairperson, Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan Ma’am asked everyone to clap for me during the ceremony. At that moment I wanted to express my thanks but my microphone did not pick up. Today I want to say all that I wanted then through this letter. Respected ma’am, I am really grateful that you let me participate in the graduation ceremony. I enjoyed seeing my former classmates graduate as if I was there. I was also extremely touched when you acknowledged my presence. I want you to know that while I cherish many of my school years I will never forget Amity, and all the work that the school put in making me and my fellows open-minded and knowledge-thirsty students who are ready to face the real world once graduated. I also would like to send my sincere thanks to the teachers who supported me during the years of IG-1 and 2. I extend my special thanks to Mrs Vandana who was able to make me fall in love with chemistry to the extent that I applied at the faculty of chemistry at the universities of Turin and Milan. After getting a degree in analytical chemistry I plan to pursue a master's in forensic chemistry. Thereafter I plan to join the Italian Military as an officer in the Forensic Sciences Investigation department, in Italian known as RIS. I wish all the best for AGS, its faculty teachers, students and staff. I sincerely hope that if in recent years I’am able to come back to India, I'll be able to stop by AGS.
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2010 )
I was a student of Amity International School, Saket from the year 2008-2012. I had an experience of a life time at Amity. It is here only I made some awesome friends and met some great teachers. Although I was a part of the Synchro program, I mingled well with other students. The ambience of the school and teacher-student relationship cannot be described in words, it exceeded all expectations. The school’s academic curriculum, teaching methodology and committed faculty made my stay at Amity the most cherished moment of my life. I scored 90% marks in CBSE Boards and was determined to pursue engineering. Amity helped me realize my dream and today I am in my third year of engineering. I am pursuing Chemical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi. I am also the president of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, BIT, Mesra. Amity has helped me hone my leadership skills. I truly cherish each and every moment spent at Amity, including the time spent in classes, lunch breaks, annual picnics or movies. Everything about Amity is truly unforgettable. I wish to attend the proposed Alumni Meet. It is a great initiative and would give us an opportunity to revisit old times.
Geeta Sharma
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2010 )
I took admission in AIS Saket in the year 2010. I am currently pursuing B. Tech in electronics and communication from Greater Noida Institute of Technology,Greater Noida. I would define the days spent at Amity a perfect mix of good and bad. Being a Synchro student, I could not get involved in any of the extracurricular activities; never the less I enjoyed my school life. I feel elated that during my stay at Amity I could come in contact with some fabulous teachers like Sunita Ma’am, Sangeeta Ma’am and many others who showed me the right path to success and were always there to motivate me to perform well. I m very glad that you thought about us and planned an alumni meet. Thank you so much ma’am that you gave us an opportunity to meet you all.
Uday Bhaskar Jha
( AIS Saket, Batch of xxxx )
It was only while studying at Amity I developed the confidence to face the difficulties of life. The teachers at AIS Saket not only honed my conversation skills but also imparted life skills to us. I can proudly say that I was taught by some of the best teachers in India and it helped me secure 57855 rank in AIEE. It helped me get admission in one of the most prestigious institutions of India-NMIMS. I am currently pursuing my Mechanical Engineering degree from there and I’m in my third year now. The confidence I gained in my school days helped me to formulate my very own dance troupe called "The Beatlockers". I feel immense pride in sharing that my troupe bagged the third prize in IIT Madras. I would like to conclude by saying thanks Amity. I would always remain a proud AMITIAN.
Anurag Dalmia
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2008 )
I'm working for my father at Shree Shyam Chemical Industry Roller Flour & Rice Mills. But it seemed it was just yesterday that I passed out of school. Though, I was at Amity just for two years, but those two years left a significant impact on my life. Being new in Delhi, I had honestly never expected that Delhi and Amity would ever seal a place in my heart, that too in such a short span of time. Life at Amity was really awesome and will always remain closed to my heart. I still remember the days when Saurav, Ravi, Atul, Ankur and I would chat endlessly with Alka Ma'am in the chemistry lab; how Sunita Ma'am would get annoyed if we delayed submission of our project work. I will always miss the ever friendly Gurucharan Sir, caring and loving Alka Ma'am and Sunita Ma'am, the never ending struggle of Debjani Ma'am to discipline us and funny jokes of Pandey Sir. Those two years of my life are definitely the most glorious years of my life. It changed me for the better. I want to thank all the teachers and friends for making my life worth living.
Surabhi Batra
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2005-2006 )
There isn't a single day when I don’t think about Amity. Sometimes small instances of life flood you with old memories. One is never contended with what they have in life. When I was in school, I could not wait to pass out as I wanted to be a grown up and take the charge of my own life. But at this stage of my life I feel sad that I thought this way. Whenever, I come across any Amitian, I go down the memory lane and nostalgia grips me. It seemed it was just yesterday when I singing the school song ‘Vidya dadati vinyam’ or cheering on ‘Founders Day’ used to fill me with pride. The years spent in Amity prepared me for the life ahead. Whenever, I cross Saket, I take a detour and cross the school. Though, the school has undergone many changes since the time I left. But one thing that has remained constant is the fact that we both are an integral part of Amity.
Avantika Sharma
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2005-2006 )
Life is all about learning. School life is nothing but a preparation to face the challenges, that the bigger school called world will throw at us once we are out of our school. The school therefore plays a significant role in a person’s life. It helps shape our character, mould our mental attitudes and fashion the basic principles of life. The twelve years constituting my school life are, without doubt, the best years of my life. Recollection of the fond memories of those bygone days brings a smile to my face, even today. They continue to sweeten my mind and fill my life with vigour and zest even after all these years.
Purusharth Mohan
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2008 )
School days definitely form the foundation years of life. It was during the years spent in AIS Saket, I underwent transformation in every sphere-physical, emotional and social. It brought a dramatic change in my life. Amity is among those select few institutions where a lot of stress is laid on nation building and values are instilled for life. Amity grooms you to become a global leader who is committed to the welfare of not only their nation but the world. This teaching came handy when I worked as an ambassador of national and international organisations like Teach India and Childreach International. Amity means friendship and it was during my school days I started to value my friends and their friendship even more. I miss the time I spent with my friends Ishan, Himanshu, Gaurav and Bharat in canteen gorging on bread pakodas and ice cream. The decision to join AIS Saket was the result of my passion for biotechnology. It was under the guidance of teachers like Dr Neerja Haleja and Suman Negi ma’am I could develop interest and basic understanding of biology and applied sciences. My class teacher Ms Alka Saxena not only helped me with my studies but also guided me on the problems of life. I deeply value the bond that I struck with my teachers. Presently, I am working as a junior Researcher at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India under India's Leading Scientist Dr Chetan Chitnis, in the field of Malaria.
Prince Raj
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2010 )
"School chale hum", is one jingle that I keep on singing to myself. I have infinite fond memories associated with my stay at Amity. It was a perfect training ground where there was equal stress on academics and extracurricular activities. I still remember the day when we all were invited for lunch with Principal ma'am. The meeting focused on encouraging and instilling the culture of sharing among students. Another thing which strikes me whenever I think of Amity are its teachers. The teachers not only had expertise in their subjects, but they worked round the clock to help us develop into good human beings.
Dr. Parijat Mathur
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2004 )
"Amity"... to me means a place which is close to my heart. I take pride in the fact that I was among the first ones to join the school. I have completed my schooling from AIS Saket only. I have my roots firmly embedded here. During school days it came as a huge surprise to my friends that my teachers knew me and my parents very well. Amity has a very special personal touch that no other school offers. I was once approached by a professor in the medical college who wanted to know whether he could put his child at Amity or not? My reply to him was very clear, “Your child can excel in education anywhere, but it is only in Amity that he will get the much needed personal attention.” Though, math and science were favourite subjects, I could never develop a liking for English and social studies. It was due to Herculean efforts of my teacher that I could pass with a decent score in both the subjects. I am 26 years of age and currently working at the prestigious Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi, but I secretly wish to go back to my school and relive those golden days of my life again.
Rohan Dev Talwar
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2009 )
It was just yesterday when I graduated from the red brick building after spending the most memorable days of my life. It has been almost four years that I left the confines of Amity Saket to enter this competitive world. I am currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering, however, each and every day spent at school is clearly etched in my memory. I still remember being nervous before my first ever performance during the 2006 school annual day, or being taken to Bharti Madams’ office a night before the board exams. I miss frequenting the chemistry lab every morning before the months preceding the Class XII board exams. However, one incident which is still fresh in my mind dates back to the time when I came under a falling glass window pane and escaped only with minor scratches and a torn blazer. I would like to end by saying that I can trade anything for going back to my school.
Prateek Jassal
( AIS Saket, Batch of 2007-08 )
How I wish I can go back to school. It would be like a dream come true if I have my batch mates for company and same set of teachers who taught us earlier. School life for me was- looking forward to playing football all day long, having pen fights, getting scolded by Vinita ma' am for talking to the walls or being made to sit outside the classroom for not completing my chemistry homework. I miss music lessons conducted byMelvin sir, cheering for Amity during school events, winter carnivals and fun times at canteen. But one achievement of mine that has stayed with me forever is winning the yellow belt in karate. All those ordinary yet extraordinary days bring back a smile on my face and make the urge to go back to school even stronger.