Guidance & Counselling


Amity Career Counseling & Guidance Cell aims to offer guidance and support to students both on the academic as well as personal front. It follows a two tier approach that ensures a comprehensive support system for the child, which in turn ensures better learning.

  • Day to Day Counselling
    A) Behaviour issues.
    B) Stress issues
  • Career Counselling
    A) Paving the path for a luminous future

School years for a child are often accompanied with numerous psychological and personal challenges. Peer pressure, inferiority complex, relationships with parents, stress…these are some of the challenges that confront a child during his growing years. It is here that our counselors step in. The counselor takes into account the situation, personality and needs of a child and helps him/her overcome the challenges through a series of meticulously planned counseling sessions.

To help students with their academic requirements, career testing & counseling, career fairs, university campus visits, workshops for students, parents, teachers and many other activities are organized to encourage and motivate the students to pursue the career of their choice. Specialized career counseling workshops are organized to help students better understand their academic potential, attributes, personality, talent, interest, expectations, strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps them choose the right career path.